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" Saturno devorando a su hijo "

" Saturno devorando a su hijo "

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  • Expressionist Oneline
  • Oil stick and spray on canvas
  • 170 x 140 cm
  • 2023
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The artwork "Saturno devora a su hijo" by Belin emerges as a striking contemporary reinterpretation, rooted in the profound influence of the homonymous works by master painters Rubens and Goya. However, Belin transcends mere artistic imitation by infusing this piece with his own experience as a father, turning it into a powerful means of expression and catharsis.

Belin's inspiration from the paintings of Rubens and Goya, which explored the myth of Saturn devouring his offspring, becomes a starting point to address the complexities of modern fatherhood. Instead of romanticizing this role, Belin chooses to uncover the dark reality he faces as a contemporary father.

The artwork delves into the anguish and uncertainty that characterize parenting in today's world. In a world where raising healthy children becomes an increasingly complex challenge, Belin uses his work to express raw and often heart-wrenching emotions associated with fatherhood. The title itself, "Saturn Devours His Son," reflects the palpable tension between paternal love and the overwhelming responsibility that comes with parenting.

Belin immerses himself in darkness, portraying fatherhood as a desolate and gloomy landscape. Through the color palette and composition, the artist conveys a sense of disorientation and lack of guidance in raising children. The artwork becomes a window into the artist's soul, revealing his own fears and doubts about his performance as a father.

The metaphor of Saturn devouring his children becomes a cathartic act for Belin, a way to exorcise his fears and anxieties. The painting stands as a means to explore and confront the negative emotions associated with fatherhood, allowing the artist to confront the duality of love and fear that comes with raising a new generation.

"Saturn Devouring His Son" by Belin is not only a visually striking artwork, but also an emotional window into the complexities of fatherhood in contemporary society. Through this masterpiece, Belin manages to convey a universal message about the inherent challenges of raising children in an increasingly complicated world, offering an intimate glimpse into his own struggle as a modern father."

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