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" Paloma abrazada por una niña "

" Paloma abrazada por una niña "

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  • Postneocubism
  • Oil and acrylic on Belgian linen canvas
  • 150 x 120 cm
  • 2023
  • Link BELIN


In Miguel Angel Belinchón's latest creation, born in November 2023, we are immersed in a poignant narrative titled "Protected Dove by a Girl." In this artwork, the artist transports us through the innocent gaze of childhood, drawing inspiration from the tragic reality of children affected by armed conflicts worldwide. A 150 x 120 cm Belgian linen canvas becomes the stage where hope and sadness.

At the center of this composition, a girl stands as the protector of a fragile dove, embodying the very essence of wounded peace in our world. With her delicate hands, the girl holds and shelters the dove, symbolizing the urgent need to protect the fundamental values of humanity, especially peace, which often suffers in the midst of armed conflicts.

Belin's careful choice of colors adds layers of meaning to the artwork. The violet tones evoke the inherent melancholy and sadness of war, while flashes of orange and yellow bring light and hope. This dynamic palette reflects the duality of emotions that coexist in conflict situations, revealing the possibility of redemption and rebirth.

The Belgian linen canvas becomes a silent witness to Belinchón's artistic expression. Each brushstroke on this surface reveals the artist's technical mastery, who manages to convey the complexity of emotions through the fusion of oil and acrylic paint. The texture of the canvas adds depth to the narrative, inviting the viewer to explore the symbolic layers of the artwork.

In this call to reflection, Belinchón urges us to consider the impact of conflicts on childhood and the importance of protecting the fragility of peace. "Wings of Hope: Dove Embraced by a Child" challenges us to be guardians of innocence and advocates for a world where children can grow free from the shadows of war.

Through this masterpiece, Miguel Angel Belinchón reminds us of the power of art to be a vehicle for awareness and change. "Dove Embraced by a Child" transcends the boundaries of artistic expression to become a beacon of hope, guiding us towards a future where peace is a universal right, protected by loving and committed hands.

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